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What Are We About?

Women Thrive Media is a multi-diverse media platform offering services to speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches. We established ourselves in 2017 as an online learning platform for entrepreneurs and have since grown our own business into global operations, attracting clients from around the globe. Our team has grown with us since 2018, and we now have an established skillset and industry know-how to support our clients even further.

At Women Thrive Media

At Women Thrive Media we are excited to offer done-for-you services to our existing and new clients who are looking to:

Improve their online presence and establish a successful brand

Attract more clients and customers through successful strategies

Become established as the go-to expert and authority in your field

Grow and be supported by experts in the industry

Streamline the process between a lead and a loyal client

We have the following skills in our team:

Website and funnel building

Tech systems and set-up

Marketing, branding and social media

Event management, speaker support

Sales and funnel building

Copywriting and content design


We are currently able to offer the following set of packages to support your online business development and growth:

Your Marketing & Sales Funnel Set up

Have a fully automated and branded landing page for lead generation and marketing and sales purposes. We will design and create a highly converting landing page with email automation to support your customer nurture sequence, sales sequences, and more.

Speaker Page and Speaker Funnel Package for Aspiring and Professional Speakers

If you are someone who regularly speaks and desires to leverage speaking opportunities, look no further. This is the ideal package to have your professional speaker page set up, along with a highly converting nurture funnel set up, where you can take your audience from not being familiar with you to knowing, liking, and then finally trusting to do business with you.

Get Your Message Crystal Clear

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your key messaging refined with our power strategy session, where we take you step by step through your brand communication strategy, helping you to establish your ideal audience, your key value propositions, your core message, and your offerings. If you feel confused or unsure of who you serve or how to get the most out of your messaging, this solution will help you attract clients and opportunities. This ideal package offer for you includes a 90-minute coaching call to achieve clear messaging and your content strategy.

Additionally, we can offer other services that can be added to your packages as a la carte options: video editing, proofreading, copywriting, brand design, social media content creation and management, and more.


Why should you trust us to do the job?

We are an established organisation with years of experience, diverse team skills, and top-level management who will ensure that you are happy with the end results. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners who have seen results in merely a few months of working with us. This opportunity to work with us on a done-for-you basis is something that our existing clients already enjoy, and this is a fantastic opportunity to get your business to the next level with our guidance and support.

We have a dedicated project manager who will take your project from start to finish, ensuring that you are 100% happy with your deliverables.

We offer highly competitive pricing in the industry.

You save money by working with us!

Come Exchange Ideas With Us

We want our networking sessions to create an environment conducive to exchanging ideas, brainstorming, and sparking innovation. Interacting with individuals from various backgrounds can inspire creativity and expose you to different perspectives and approaches.

Share Your Knowledge and Experiences:

Our Networking Events involve discussions, panels, and open-floor moments where attendees can share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Our sessions frequently feature industry leaders, thought leaders, and speakers who can provide valuable insights into their related fields. Who knows, maybe you’re the industry leader at the networking sessions!

Personal Development

After every Women Thrive Networking Event, we want you to walk away with a new sense of confidence, challenging you to step out of your comfort zone having met new people. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in conversations with diverse people to improve your ability to articulate ideas, present yourself effectively, and adapt yourself to various social and professional situations. 

Attending Women Thrive Networking Events presents a multitude of advantages that can positively impact both your professional and personal development. By actively participating in these events, you’ll position yourself to seize opportunities, acquire valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections within your industry.

Who wouldn’t want to do this surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurial women in a safe and collaborative environment?


More Testimonials

 Past Summit Speaker Testimonials

More Testimonials

 Past Summit Speaker Testimonials

The Women Thrive Summit was an incredible event to take part in. The support given by Raimonda and the other speakers is unsurpassed and the whole experience was like a big warm hug. It was a privilege to be the opening speaker for this event and I look forward to future Women Thrive Summits.

Sally Prosser

Holistic Voice & Public Speaking Coach

What an amazing experience. The Women Thrive Summit was an opportunity to have some of the most sought after leaders right at your fingertips. To gain invaluable knowledge and support from these industry leaders… priceless!

Angela M. Taylor-Carter

Real Estate Professional

Raimonda is so easy to work with. She calmed my nerves and convinced me that I would be great. She guided me step by step on what to expect. I loved working with her and the ladies that she assigned to help with all of the preparations.

I can’t wait for this year’s Women Thrive Summit.

Debra B. Hamilton

Relationship & Intimacy Coach

I am impressed by the professionalism & level of detail from being on the journey with the Women Thrive Summit! This is making me think about how I am showing up in different contexts and how I can be more consistent in how I am showing up.
The support team is committed & engaged in supporting the speakers to make the most out of the journey. You are given ample opportunity to have your voice heard across various platforms & media.
The process was fun & engaging. I have elevated my speaking authority & presence and as such have been booked for a few high-level festivals & events.

Sarah Needham

Executive Leadership Advisor & Coach

As a speaker at the Women Thrive Summit, I was blown away by the passion and dedication of Raimonda. I felt honoured to be a part of such an inspiring community of women committed to empowering each other and creating positive change in the world. The organizers truly did a fantastic job of curating a diverse and thought-provoking lineup of speakers, and I left the event feeling energized and inspired to continue any journey as an international speaker. I highly recommend the Women Thrive Summit to anyone interested in learning, connecting, and participating in a powerful summit.

Leni Cavazos

Marketing Strategies & Experience Curator

Being a part of the Women Thrive Summit as a speaker has genuinely been a life-changing experience for me. As a speaker, I was impressed by the level of support and communication that the team provided me throughout the process. They were always available to answer my questions, offer guidance and feedback, and ensure I felt confident and prepared for my speaking engagement. Working with the Women Thrive Summit team was a genuinely positive experience. It further reinforced my belief in women's power to support each other and create positive change in the world.

Tami Gabbitas

Intuitive Life Coach & Reiki Master Teacher

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